New Idea Competition has been announced by Qafqaz University Technopark | 01 Mar 2013 08:38 | Visited: 783

New Idea Competition has been announced in the framework of newly launched Qafqaz University Technopark

Intellectual Property Statement:

All ideas remain the property of the submitter
Short Description:

The purpose of this competition is to contribute new ideas on a broad range of IT-related areas such as: Mobile App, Internet, Software App, Gaming, SaaS, Enterprise Software, New Business Model, Services, Robotics, IT and Consumer Electronics, IT for healthcare, etc.
Competition Organizer:

Qafqaz University Technopark
Who is Eligible?

Anyone who is Student of the University located in Azerbaijan or Alumni and has New Innovative Idea on IT-related area. Age limit for participants is 30.
Application Assessment Criteria:

Innovation: We are looking for breakthrough ideas. They must be Information Technology oriented. Ideas should be unique and different, providing a competitive advantage. Ideas that show the greatest innovation will be viewed more favorably.
Commercial Viability: Can the idea be commercialized within two years? Can the idea create or serve a market need? What are the customer benefits? Is there a clear strategy for making the idea into a high-growth business? Judges will be evaluating ideas on their potential to generate revenue, profits and employment.
Investment Opportunity: If an investment opportunity was available and contemplated, would investors invest in this venture? Is the entrepreneur team invested in the venture?
Entrepreneur Team: Are key leaders and advisors available (or identified subject to financing) to fill key positions to execute the venture plan? (right team)
Quality of Presentation: As the judging progresses to the final round, some emphasis will be placed on entrant's quality of presentation (clear, concise), both written and orally.
Business Plan: Quality of Business Plan (appropriate training will be provided on Apprel 25, 26, 27)
Idea Assessment Rounds?

Round 1. Online Application
Round 2. Presentation in front of Jury Board
Round 3. Preparing of Business Plan and Budget
Important Dates:

Round 1: Mart 25, 2013 (Online Application)
Round 2: April 15, 2013 (Presentation)
Round 3:
April 25-27, 2013 (Training)
May 12, 2013 (Business Plan Deadline)
Why to participate? (Benefits/Awards)

Get Enterpreneurship Trainings given by professionals
The opportunity to have assigned Business Mentor
The opportunity to be placed into Qafqaz University Technopark Incubator
The opportunity to find investor for your idea
The opportunity to found your company
Attention in the media
How to apply?

You will be required to register on the Qafqaz University Technopark Online Application System till Mart 25, 2013
Contact us:

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