What is DataBase ?

What is DataBase ?
13 Mar 2014 09:50 | Visited: 842

Storage of the information is one of the traditional computer services. For information storage on a computer database (DB) is widely used. DB is one of the essential parts of information systems. Database and its management is very important to anybody working or studying in the field of IT.
Banking systems, public institutions and companies in Azerbaijan have experts working in this field. On the date of 13.03.2014, one of them, an expert on YapıKredi Bank database management system Anar Gojayev, gave a seminar on the topics of database, database administrator tasks, the structure of the database, the most widely used database management systems and the types of databases, at the hall of the Qafqaz University for computer engineering students. Also at the end, Mr. Gojayev gave information about the Oracle Academy and said that the academy is to start within the near future.

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