Joint Projects


Computer Engineering Department welcomes a variety of industry  partnerships that enhance our educational experience for students. As a  result of partnership between University and industry the industry-leading mobile network operator Azercell and Qafqaz University reached an agreement to start a joint educational project. The purpose of the project is to introduce and popularize telecommunication technologies among students; as a result, bridging the gap between the current demand for qualified specialists in the telecommunication market and the number of graduates. For more information, please, click HERE.

As a result of cooperation and partnership with educational institutions we  have started two gradute programs jointly with Chalmers IT University  (Sweden): Computer Science (launched in 2009) and IT Managementt (launched  in 2010), for more information, please, click HERE


Every semester, Computer Engineering Department invites computer engineers  working in industry into the classroom to talk about what it is like to be a  "real" engineer. Students enjoy the perspective that people working in the  field can expose the market demands.