Cəsur Həsənov

  • Cəsur Həsənov

  • Department: Intelligent business projects

    Position: Biznes intellekti meneceri


  • Master

    • Universiti Putra Malaysia, Business Administration
  • Bachelor

    • Qafqaz Universiteti, Avtomatlaşdırılmış sistemlərin və hesablama texnikasının proqram təminatı, Diplom no: B 262863

Job Experience

  • Qafqaz Universiteti Texnoparkı, Business Intelligence Manager (Dec, 2016 - Continue)
  • Social Innovation Lab, Head Coach and Director (Aug, 2016 - Continue)
  • Impact Hub Kuala Lumpur, Digital Marketer (Mar, 2016 - Jul, 2016)
  • BeBonobo LLP, CEO and Founder (Dec, 2015 - Continue)
  • AzcaIT Software Development Outsourcing, Lead Sales (Jun, 2014 - Mar, 2016)
  • Putra Business School, Web Marketing Consultant (Mar, 2014 - Jun, 2014)


  • Həsənov C. The Impact of Website Quality on Online Purchase Intention of Organic Food in Malaysia: A WebQual Model Approach. Procedia Computer Science. Malaysia. 2015(72):382-389, url: [1], DOI: 10.1016/j.procs.2015.12.153
  • International Conferences

  • Həsənov C. Social Entrepreneurship. ASEAN SE Conference 2016. Singapore. July 2016, url: [2]
  • Həsənov C. Trade and economic, scientific-technical, social and cultural ties. 8th International Economic Summit of Russia and OIC countries. Russian Federation. May 2016, url: [3]
  • Həsənov C. Social Business. ASEAN Youth Social Business Summit 2015. Malaysia. December 2015, url: [4]
  • Həsənov C. Entrepreneurship. 1 ASEAN Entrepreneurship Summit 2015. Malaysia. November 2015, url: [5]
  • Həsənov C. Information Systems. The Information Systems International Conference (ISICO) 2015 . Indonesia. November 2015, url: [6]


  • "Social Enterprise Bootcamp Baku", Social Innovation Lab, Head Coach and Director (01 Sep 2016 - ); Notes - "Social Enterprise Bootcamp Baku is a full day startup coaching, training and practical workshop program that teaches entrepreneurs and innovators how to start their own social and commercial ventures using the most essential tools, techniques and methodologies like Design Thinking and Lean Startup methodology. During the full day program participants acquire the skills needed to identify, test and eliminate any obstacles in order to build a viable business model."
  • "GrowthCoachBaku", Social Innovation Lab, Head Coach and Director (01 Aug 2016 - ); Notes - "The GrowthCoachBaku Program is designed for Azerbaijani entrepreneurs to grow and realize their ideas. The program is a 4 months program running from September to December 2016. Aspiring/Existing entrepreneurs will run through a series of intensive workshops and practical training sessions in order to transform ideas into scalable, impactful and structured actions."
  • "BeBonobo LLP", BeBonobo LLP, CEO and Founder (01 Dec 2015 - ); Notes - "BeBonobo is an online social network that promotes conscious consumption by disrupting current wasteful consumption patterns – through an online listing website which connects individuals and businesses to list their unwanted items or search for any types of wanted items. Another interesting fact is when a user gives his/her unwanted item to another user, BeBonobo plants one tree per item for the person who has given the item. Yes, an actual tree. "


  • "American Marketing Association (AMA)" - 01 May 2014
  • "Member of Impact Hub Global Community" - 01 Mar 2014

Last lessons

  • "Fundamentals of Business", Master
  • "Practical Innovation", Master
  • "Principles of Entrepreneurship", Master

Language Skills

  • Azerbaijani - Fluent (Native language)
  • English - Fluent
  • Turkish - Fluent
  • Russian - Elementary
  • Malay - Elementary